Reading 52 2016

Mountain – Fish – Bear – Clover – Child – Road – Fox 

Something big and important will generate money from my profession.

A happy event awaits that will see me take a new direction in life, however I must be sly about this in certain circumstances.


Reading 51 2016

Stork – Tower – Mountain – Road – Rider – Whip – Sun

An event or sudden flurry of activity relating to something or someone from my deep past.

It is time for a short holiday which will be important, but this may cause quarrels which turn out not to be too bad due to the Sun’s positivity.

November 2016 Summary

Reading 44 as simple as it was, tapped into something that I have been questioning due to its recent recurrence in the the cards – the Road. The road indicates a change of path and I can honestly say that is the last thing that is on my mind right now. However, what I believe that it may be an indication of is my flipping from this desperate desire for change, which has plagued me all year, to the realisation and acceptance that where I am in life is actually okay and I shouldn’t be in a hurry to change it up. So, perhaps the road is indicating a new path that I am beginning to take psychologically. In terms of the unknown House abroad, it remains unknown, however it is possible the Ship and House were not connected for this week did uncover something about an unknown trip. My BFF and I were planning a trip to New Zealand in January for my birthday and this week she pulled out of it. I am not giving up on going on a holiday because of this, but where and who with remains a mystery.

Reading 45 talked about a woman from abroad (Woman/Mountain). Being a woman from abroad it may have been about me because again it suggested the woman is in the early stages of a change in life direction (Mountain/Child), however it may have been in reference to the director of my company who is also a woman from abroad and who happened to be in town this week. A change of life direction with a Man (Mountain/Child/Man) could be in reference to my immediate boss as there is a big change occurring at work which involves him. So really, I have no idea what it could mean. A House is my house which I have been focusing on improving this week, and a costly friendship (Mouse/Dog)…well that may be the one between my BFF and I at the moment because she is seriously sucking the life out of me as she’s having issues with her boyfriend and that is literally all she ever freaking talks about nowadays. And she’s so negative. It’s taking all my strength to not succumb to the negativity.

Some three weeks later Reading 46 still leaves me wondering how could it be so wrong? Absolutely nothing it predicted came true. As it was a positive reading I still have hopes it’s a slow burner and I’m yet to experience its wonders.

Reading 47  was equally as positive as Reading 46 and it too was not accurate at all. My sentiments in the paragraph above are echoed.

Reading 48 – Strike 3 and you’re out! I will stay where I am (Anchor) was a major bam bow as I lost a long term client where I was based. I certainly did not stay where I was. The sun did not shine on any of my affairs (Sun) and there was no money (Fish), love (Heart) or happiness (Flowers) to be found within a 1000 mile radius of me.

October 2016 Summary

Reading 40 was a curious one. An older person from my past was a presence (Tower) and there was an indication, at the time, that possibly and perhaps they were my secure love which was destined (Heart/Anchor/Cross). However events which unfolded a couple of weeks later suggested that notion was bubkus.

Reading 41 actually frightened me to an extent because it alluded to strong bonds with someone from overseas ceasing to exist due to quarrels (Ring/Mountain/Scythe/Whip). I was afraid it was a specific person and I really didn’t want it to be them. In the end, the reading was 100% accurate but I was incorrect as it was my work colleague and not the person who I thought it would be. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to the cards enough because I wasn’t sly (Fox) about the situation. My home life was by far the best part of this week (House/Stork).

Reading 42 I can honestly say missed the mark. Either that, or I’ve not picked up on what it was referring to. I didn’t attend any events or no events occurred with me or a business man in my life (Stork/Man). Money didn’t go missing that I’m aware of (Fish/Mouse), and if there is a new life direction being taken (Child/Mountain/Moon) it’s so new I don’t yet know about it.

Reading 43 was another one which I made assumptions about (in relation to the people it may be referring to) and was more than likely incorrect. I thought the man from overseas (Man/Mountain) was someone who ended disappeared from my life this week, so clearly the growing strength (Tree) was not with him. There are many other men from overseas in my life and it could be any one of them this reading referred to in retrospect. Money was neither here nor there (Fish) so I’m not sure what the Fish was getting at. Of course I’m trusting the Gods (Tower/Cross) as I always do, but I’m totally unsure what this new path I’ve taken even is (Road).