Special Ones

Isn’t it funny how you never really screamed at my face
But your anger so unspoken and unchannelled permeated my essence
To the point where I don’t want to see you hear you, be anywhere near you
You probably think I’m threatened by you but your illusionary power doesn’t threaten me
Actually I think it’s kind of funny that you create an illusion that is a mirror
I don’t appreciate you and I know that surprises you
I suppose you see that those who follow their heart always win
Those with integrity have won the match before it’s begun

So rather than being kicked around, I’m goin’ to kick you to the curb
So rather than being pushed around, I’m going to push you away first
So rather than trying to protect you, I’m going to cover my bases first
So rather than trying to open my heart, I’m going to lock it with a key
So that only the special ones can ever get through to me

Some can see beyond the barrier of threshold
Whereas others can’t see beyond their sculptured mould
You offer me nothing, you could offer me nothing that I need
Do you think I’m asking too much?
A kind of respect and trust that shouldn’t even be questioned
How can I open my heart with dishonesty sitting next to me?
I’ve honoured your honour to the point of embarrassment
But innocence in the hands of the guilt-free is kicked to, is kicked to the curb
I was ashamed of my innocence, I was ashamed of my innocence
But now with clarity I see that your bullshit is just not worthy of me

I don’t want to be angry
This is not worthy of me and now clarity I see that I can walk away, I can walk away

~ george: Special Ones ~ 


The Simple Things

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Katie Noonan originally made a name for herself performing in the band george in the mid to late 90’s. This is when I first discovered her.

I loosely followed her career over the years and every time I heard her sing on the TV or the radio my heart would literally skip a beat. I would be forced to stop doing what I was doing and listen to her primarily because her music, her voice, was so enchanting that I couldn’t focus on anything else.

Via some bizarre twist of fate I didn’t see her live until November 2014. She was touring her Songs That Made Me show. It was quite simply the best gig I had been to in 2014 and I had seen dozens of bands/artists over the course of the year. I was so moved by the experience that I was in tears for the majority of Katie’s set. Her ability to personalise the experience by candidly sharing her thoughts and emotions via not only her music but her general conversations with the audience between songs was rare. Only one other time had I witnessed so much emotion at a gig from the artist and I wept like a baby then too.

At the end of the Songs That Made Me gig Katie announced she would be at the merch stand if anybody wanted to meet her. My friend and I looked at each other and both had a pang of anxiety. My fear was that the first words out of my mouth when I saw her would be a passionate “I love you!” versus something cool and intelligent. My friend was of the same opinion so we went home.

Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to see Katie perform live again for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. She was, unsurprisingly, as wonderful as ever. She took my breath away and,  yes, I shed a little tear throughout her show. Again, at the end of the performance she announced she would be at the merch stand to sign things and meet people. Again, my friend and I chickened out. Instead we went for a walk around the Garden of Unearthly Delights where the gig was being held to soak up the atmosphere.

We went wandering for about 30 minutes before we looped back around to where Katie performed and noticed she had reached the end of the line of autograph hunters. So we bought a pair of CDs and joined the queue.

That night I met my idol and I was able to tell her thank you for bringing me so much joy with her music. It was a dream come true.