History’s Door

Two hearts burning
On a hillside turning
Round the blazing sun
Fever burning
In her head that’s turning
Round the things she’s done
“Free your heart
That is the hardest part”,
He says, “Your heart won’t lie.”

Find your hope forget your home
Heed that feeling in your bones
For your heart knows you’ll never win
Until you’re free from him

Don’t look back
There is no use in wondering
Just how or why
If you leave now
You might just make it home
Before the morning light
Tired and poor
You kneel at history’s door

~ Husky: History’s Door ~ 


My Heart


‘I have worn my heart on my sleeve because it is too painful to carry it inside my chest.
When I carry it on my sleeve, it has the freedom to exist, to beat in rhythm with the Universe.
I feel like I’m more alive and yes, there are those who out of curiosity will say or do things that can cause its delicate existence to feel pain and sorrow.
I would rather deal with that, than to put it back in its little cage where it knows nothing else but the rhythm of my body and my Ego.
My heart was never meant to be part of my Ego.
My heart was meant to experience the Soul.’

~ C.C. Campbell ~