The Mighty Lemon Drops & 21 Jump Street

When I was a pre-teen/ early teen I was a die-hard fan of the TV show 21 Jump Street. You know the one, with a totally hot and young Johnny Depp as an undercover cop pretending to be a high school kid.

As the years went by and 21 Jump Street started losing its popularity channel 9, as it does with most shows even nowadays, shafted it to some unforsaken time slot unsuitable for 13 year olds. I was left with no choice but to record them on my trusty VHS recorder and watch at a more civilised hour.

One day I sat and watched a particular episode I had recorded the night before and fell in love with a song used in the opening sequence. The credits told me it was by The Mighty Lemon Drops, but not the title of the song. As this was pre-Google days my quest to find this song was destined to be a long and unsuccessful one.

With The Mighty Lemon Drops at the forefront of my mind I trawled through record stores in an attempt to find some of their music. Eventually and amazingly I did and I bought Sound… Wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t have the song from 21 Jump Street on it, but it did become a regular in my CD rotation over the coming years.

And then I promptly forgot about my quest and The Mighty Lemon Drops.

Fast forward to 2016 when for some unknown reason I remembered my quest. Being a new age of technology I went into Spotify, searched and you guessed it, I found not only The Mighty Lemon Drops discography but that song from that episode of 21 Jump Street. It was called Where Do We Go From Heaven. I proceeded to listen to it on repeat and smile for I had finally reached the end of my quest some 25 years after it began.


Look! It’s on You Tube too. Squee!


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