September 2016 Summary

Reading 36 was the first wholly positive reading in a long time for me. It’s just a pity my week didn’t turn out to be so positive. I’ve been mulling over whether or not I received an invitation from a man (Man/Letters/Moon), and I guess I kind of did in the non-traditional sense. That is if you consider a man inviting me to his house for sex an invitation…I said no by the way, because he was and still is an arsehole. No honour came to a female friend or myself for that matter (Moon/Woman/Dog) and I’m not really sure if the sun was shining on all my affairs (Sun/Child) because I was not in a childlike state of wonderment this week.

Reading 37 turned out to be one of those readings where I am still unable to definitively confirm or deny if it was accurate some weeks later. It talked about a relationship unfolding with a man (Ring/Man). This week I did meet someone new in my Tinder journey, and it’s someone who I continue to talk to and get to know, but someone who I am yet to meet. This week was also the week of the great work car crash of 2016. There was a lot of focus centred around work as a result, but no news recieved specific to a business in its infancy (Letters/Child/Money). I did commence my involvement with an existing client,  so this can be interpreted as a business venture new to me, but I may be stretching the meaning of the cards for the sake of willing accuracy upon them. Perhaps my applying for a new job this week may be representative of the Letters/Child/Money too?

Reading 38 did, in part, come to fruition with the big work social event (Garden). The event itself was extremely successful with me/ my company winning the award we were nominated for (so Reading 36 which indicate an honour would come to me or a woman I know actually happened). Whilst no quarrels occurred (Whip), there were many snakes in the garden (Snake/Garden) that made themselves known, and I’d hazard a guess to say there were a few that haven’t yet made themselves known also. However, if a man with money and children (Fish/Man/Child) brought me happiness I haven’t yet figured out who that is.

Reading 39 was my overthinking reading of the month! Yes, I did wish the person from my past (Tower) a happy birthday. It was a positive experience and not a negative one (Scythe). In terms of new paths taken (Road) I didn’t think I started one and the only fears and alarms (Bird) experienced were in relation to work. I still don’t know what the stagnant matter being stirred up is about (Stork/Woman/Book).


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