Reading 39 2016

Road – Bird – Scythe – Tower – Stork – Woman – Book

The first 3-4 cards are interesting because the Road and Bird indicate that I may have taken a wrong and difficult turn however, the Bird and Scythe don’t work in combination – the Road and Scythe do. They indicate a break from the past. Curiously, the Tower card has continuously been representative of 1 person from my past. Tomorrow is this person’s birthday and I was thinking of wishing them a happy birthday despite not having spoken to them for months. I’m curious that if I do it will be a negative experience (as they usually are when we communicate of late) and the Scythe will come into play out of necessity. Alternatively, the Scythe could just come into play now and I can cut my losses before the potentially negative experience occurs. So, the combination could suggest that I am experiencing fears and alarms (Bird) about making a break from my past, or because I have to make a break from my past.

It is of course possible that the Scythe and the Tower are not connected at all. The Tower card on its own means that there is a sense that Fate will direct me and I should trust in the power of the Tower.

Otherwise a stagnant matter will be stirred up and begin to resolve for a woman (most likely me) however what that matter is remains unknown, or stagnant matters will be resolved by an unknown woman… good Lord! Either I’m overthinking or this reading is ridiculously convoluted.



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