July 2016 Summary

Reading 27 commenced this bizarre contradiction of cards which repeated itself over the course of July. It was the Road/Anchor. In this reading they were directly next to each other suggesting that I was torn between staying and going. This week in my life, I actually wasn’t. Whilst I did need a holiday (Mountain/Rider) who doesn’t?! And this wonderful love relationship the cards suggested (Moon/Heart) was non-existent leaving reading 27 100% inaccurate.

Reading 28 was a contraction in itself, but the contradictions it generated kinda came to fruition. This week I attended a job interview (Sun/Stork) and there was some indication from the interviewers that I was a strong candidate for the role. So the inclusion of the Road/Anchor (should I stay or should I go?) was apt. The fact the Bird was next to the Road, suggesting a wrong turn, gave me massive concerns thus highlighting the Bird’s individual meaning of fears and alarms. An awkward circumstance did present itself (Anchor) but I was able to use my wisdom (Bird/Snake) to deal with it.

Reading 29 saw the Road and Anchor turn up again but this time at opposite sides of the sentence. I was advised to exercise patience as something big is on the horizon (Coffin/Mountain). Patience has never been my strong suite and, no, I didn’t exercise it, instead becoming quite anxious about the whole situation (Bird). The big thing, event (Stork) didn’t occur this week, so I’m no closer to calming down about it.

Reading 30 finally got rid of the Anchor, after 3 weeks of it appearing with the Road and totally confusing me regarding whether I would take a new direction, or not. The Road was here again though, however the change of direction it indicated did not make itself known this week. Money (Fish) was received, and news was received in relation to money (Fish/Rider). Also, my wisdom did enable me to navigate through awkward circumstances (Snake) mainly to do with work.


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