June 2016 Summary

June commenced with Reading 23 which was all about my new direction in life (Road) and my thinking of love (Heart/Clouds) possibly about someone in the office according to the cards. The cards were partially correct insofar as I was thinking about love, but not with anyone in the office. There was no strife and quarrels (Whip) so the Tree did manage to exude its power against the negativity. I was experiencing wonderful confidence and growth in the work environment (Tree/Lily).

Okay, so Reading 24 kinda skirts around the point missing the mark slightly, but overall hitting the target. I was experiencing fears and alarms over a person (Bird). However, they are not strong, big or important (Bear). Allegedly a really big invitation awaits. This is true, yet the invitation, if I’m thinking of the correct one hasn’t yet come. It will be eventually.

Reading 25 was confusing at the time the cards were dealt. In the end I was thinking of a man (Man/Clouds), not an unknown man though (Book). There was no happy event (Child/Clover) as I got quite sick this week. In fact, it was a pretty crap week.

Reading 26, on the other hand, was spot on accurate. My happy home life was marred by my youngest child (House/Child/Mouse) and her poor attitude. However the surmounting of trouble and grief (Clover) eventually occurred as did an end to poor health (Clover/Lily), ish. I finally saw the Doctor and was prescribed antibiotics.


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