March 2016 Summary

March was a crazy month for me, it went from being a bit shit to really good back to a bit shit and then more shit, so I’ve avoided writing this for the better part of a week. Honestly, because I don’t want to relive the shitness I don’t want to write the summary, but given this is a long standing experiment I’ll quit my whinging and just do it.

The first reading for March, reading 9 was interesting because it indicated news awaited which should be kept to myself. I think this was in relation to a job interview I was informed of having to attend the following week. An important trip with a friend was also talked of and I believe this to be my pending trip to New Zealand. However, the cards suggested I would become pregnant. No.

Reading 10 indicted there would be news about a new business and this week I attended a long overdue job interview for a promotion within my company. The reading also suggested I needed to be more friendly with people which will have to occur if I get this promotion since I kinda don’t like the people I work with. All of this was causing fears and alarms (lots of them!).

Reading 11 was right on the money. I was exuding nervousness to the one I love, and my dreams do have bright hopes, I’m sure of it. Whether or not they come to fruition is another story entirely though. A wonderful trip or two is in the works, but all of these are a ways away. Hopefully my problems will resolve well before I’m due to head off on them.

No, just no for Reading 12. There was nothing detailed in this that remotely resembled anything in my life at the time.

Reading 13 couldn’t have been more wrong either!  Not only was there no influx of money for any reason, but there was a massive outpouring of money away from me. There wasn’t a sudden flurry of activity because the activity hasn’t stopped for a very long time. It’s been go, go, go and this continued throughout this week. If it was lucky I’m yet to find out. In terms of a delayed trip, I am unsure what this is referring to. I have a few trips in the pipeline, but none have been delayed.


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