Beneath The Surface

‘You never know what lurks just beneath the surface of my fragile sanity.’

~ Ashly Lorenzana ~


Take Me

Take me
Away across the ocean
Out in the horizon the night is falling

Outside in the golden air
Washed out and no one’s there
She said I’ll meet you there

Sunset in the breeze
Drifting into me
Her love will make it right
This time

Skyline closing in
Her eyes whispering
We swam across the night
To find

Underwater lights
Shadows in disguise
Your lips come close to mine
In time

~ RÜFÜS: Take Me ~

Reading 17 2016

Anchor ~ Stork ~ Ring ~ Man ~ Ship ~ Book ~ Mouse 

Stagnant matters will be stirred up and start to be resolved. These involve staying where I am and the unfolding of a relationship with an unknown man from overseas, or perhaps I will be travelling to somewhere yet unknown.

There is a negative person who is present also (perhaps the unknown man from overseas?).


At my old house my shed was ‘the junk room’ of the house. It housed not only my car, but all those unpacked boxes that have traveled from house to house over the last couple of decades.

One day I was attempting to move those boxes when a gecko appeared from behind one and caused girly shrieks to be heard emitting from the shed. I wasn’t scared of it, I’ve always loved reptiles (sans snakes), it simply surprised me.

Over the course of the three years I was in that house, the gecko remained in the shed and would oft scare the crap out of me at random times. It particularly enjoyed crawling over my feet when I’d come home after a night out and opened the shed door to drive the car in. It was as if she was saying ‘hello, welcome home, please don’t drive over me.’ Soon we developed a happy medium and lived in harmony together.

When it came time to move out of that house approximately eight weeks ago, I naturally had to spend time in the shed to clear it out. Oddly I didn’t see the gecko during that time, and this made me a bit sad.

Towards the end of the move I was in the process of clearing out the final box which was in a filthy state. So I picked up a tarp which was hidden under a bench and put it in the boot of my car with the intention of putting the box on top. I opened the tarp and hello, there was the gecko. She ran off under the carpet and made herself at home. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I left her there hoping that I wouldn’t squash her.

About two weeks later after completing the final house clean, I packed all the cleaning products in the boot of the car, drove to my new home, unloaded the box and put it in the laundry. That night I walked into the laundry and saw the gecko on the wall. She’d hitched a ride in the box.

The next day, although I couldn’t find her, I told my children so they wouldn’t be frightened if she appeared one day. They proceeded to put water out for her in an egg cup and named her Heidi, because she hides a lot.