Three of the most stressful and difficult things to do in life are deal with a death, the end of a relationship and moving house. Currently I’m experiencing the third. And it is as stressful as everyone makes it out to be.

Add to the tension associated with firstly finding a property before your lease runs out there is my two children who are both in selfish, lazy, bratty moods and have been for the better part of a month, a job I hate that has far too much work than what my contracted hours will handle (I don’t get paid for working more hours), fitting in job interviews among all this, and children’s after school activities, unpaid work helping a friend out with her business, really shit weather and dealing with the one person I’ve been in love with for two year just disappearing without word, plus everyday normal activities and stresses such as chores and finances, and my head is ready to implode.

A few weeks ago I wrote of how none of my friends are here to share my life progression and help me through it (read Friends) and guess what? They still aren’t. None of my friends read that post and if they did nobody has said anything to me. Even when I straight up told some of them of the stresses that I’m experiencing they didn’t react, respond or seem to care. So, the sadness I felt a few weeks ago is now amplified and I’ve shed more than a tear about it.

Yes, I’m having a sookie-la-la. I know that once I’m in my new house blissfully happy that I did move none of this will matter. But for right now, a day before I get the keys to my new house, I want to have a sookie-la-la.


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