February 2016 Summary

The first reading for February indicated happiness and that was not the case! In fact, there was a considerable amount of unhappiness this week due to the actions, or more so the lack of actions of one of my friends. I was definitely exuding nervousness to the one I love though and I tried to hide this, or at least expose it to a minimum, but I’m pretty sure my success rate was zero.

Reading 6 was a very curious one. This is primarily because it was completely inaccurate to this week, yet very predictive of events occurring in week 8 of 2016. I had commenced my new house hunt at the start of February so houses were prevalent in my life, however the one I developed a strong bond with wasn’t found for 2 more weeks. Having said that, my worries in relation to my house hunt were indeed almost at an end this week.

Reading 7 was bang on the money in every regard. A negative influence was having a very negative effect on me. There was no situation that required me to stand my ground, however I did take actions to attempt to dull the negativity. I also received a phone call that potentially promised luck, money and friendship.

Reading 8 suggested a friend unknown has a health scare. If they did, they still remain unknown to me! Otherwise an important goal was achieved with my finding my new house and signing the lease.


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