December Summary

Week 1 of December generated Reading 49, which true to recent trends, was limited in accuracy. The one overwhelming true occurrence was the growth of strong bonds from someone from overseas (Tree/Ring/Mountain). Everything else, money (Fish), quarrels (Whip), a business partnership proposal (Moon/Ring/Fish), and new ideas and invitations (Moon) were not experienced. However, I will always continue to trust in my instincts because I do believe my dreams have bright hopes (Cross/Clouds/Moon).

Reading 50 saw no short journey (Book/Rider/Road) and no important trip that saw me live abroad (Stork/Ship/House). However, a lot of other combinations were reflective of the truth. An older person from my past (Tower) did re-enter my life and they did cause me to think about love (Clouds/Heart), there was a sudden flurry of activity (Road/Ship) mainly at work, and strangely it was this week that my heart began yearning for a new address (Road/House/Heart). The confusion of the unknown (Book) remains unknown as does a trip I’m yet to take (Book/Ship) and a love I’m yet to know (Ship/Heart).

The penultimate reading of 2015, reading 51, saw the trip first mentioned in reading 50 mentioned again (Snake/Rider/Road and Woman/Clover/Road). It still hasn’t occurred so big fat fail right there. An event involving me – my work Christmas lunch – was optimistic and successful (Woman/Sun/Stork) as was my family Christmas lunch, and I took the cards advice and didn’t disclose my true thoughts and plans with anyone (Snake/Clover/Stork). I do believe that an important woman at the work function was causing conflict towards me, or at least within my mind (Woman/Bear/Snake). There were no business propositions or events resulting in a change of lifestyle (Moon/Road)  and if news arrived causing a long patch of good luck (Sun/Clover/Rider) I have no idea what it was!

Reading 52 was pretty much shit with the inclusion of 3 negative cards – Fox, Mouse and Bird. In the end, the Fox and the Mouse didn’t really seem to make an impact as I don’t feel anybody deceived me or was stealing from me. The fears and alarms exuded by the Bird however were rampant (Woman/Bird/Bear) probably due to my dislike of the festive season in general and this extended to some of the other combinations involving the bird. News awaited involving my ex did cause major fears and alarms (Rider/Bird/Moon), New Year’s Eve resulted in fears and alarms due to one of my child’s behaviour and I had to be cunning to make her stop doing what she was doing in over come them (Fox/Bird/Stork), and I experienced fears and alarms about a friendship which I felt, and still feel, is not being fully reciprocated (Dog/Bird/Mouse). I’m in the process of deciding whether or not to end this friendship as a result.



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