Reading 5 2016

Flowers – Road – Tower – Letters – Heart – Bird – Tree

Happiness (yay!). Happiness because I’m about to go on a lovely trip. The Tower confirms that fate is directing this and that I should trust I’m heading in the right direction. News awaited is on its way confirming love is self-explanatory. However, I am exuding nervousness to the one I love thus I must alter my approach to ensure strength and growth.


Hottest 100 Debrief



With another Hottest 100 over with, it seems fitting to debrief and discuss how my daughter and I went. Well, it’s fitting to me anyway, if not you.

Of the fourteen songs I voted for, four made the countdown:

Ratatat ~ Cream on Chrome #52

Vallis Alps ~ Young #27

Flume ~ Some Minds ft Andrew Wyatt #24

Hermitude ~ The Buzz ft Young Tapz #8

Of the six songs my seven year old daughter voted for, four made the countdown with two in the top ten! For her first Hottest 100 voting efforts, she did ridiculously well:

Grimes ~ Flesh Without Blood #71

Florence + The Machine ~ What Kind of Man #70

Marcus Marr and Chet Faker ~ The Trouble With Us #6

Major Lazer ~ Lean On ft MO and DJ Snake #3


Typically, I’m one of the disgruntled old folk who whinge about how crap the Hottest 100 is year in year out, and continue to listen to it year in year out despite this. In fact, I thought, and still do, that the 2014 one was one of the worst ever. I hadn’t heard of at least 50% of the songs and being a dedicated daily triple j listener this was not only odd, but fucking annoying. This year however, I absolutely loved it like I haven’t in many years. I knew at least 99% of the songs that made it in and felt it was a great representation of the type of music that was triple j in 2015.

The crowning moment, as it is most years, was the grand upset that was the #1 song.

After Major Lazer hit #3 I was flabbergasted as I thought it was going to top the countdown. Instantly I knew Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta was one of the songs to come, but I was clueless as to what the other would be. It reminded me of the time Eskimo Joe’s Black Fingernails, Red Wine was a shoe in to win…and came #2. When Augie March’s One Crowded Hour took it from them I was floored. And ecstatic. To this day One Crowded Hour is one of my top 20 songs of the last twenty years. So when The Rubens Hoops dropped at #1 my squeals of elation were heard echoing through the surrounding suburbs. Realistically did I think it was #1 worthy? No. But honestly, I don’t care. It was an upset by a phenomenal Australian band, a triple j band, not a mainstream band. To me, this little victory brought the Hottest 100 back to the true triple j listeners, something that has been missing for a very long time.



Somewhere Else

‘Somewhere, things must be beautiful and vivid. Somewhere else, life has to be beautiful and vivid and rich. Not like this muted palette -a pale blue bedroom, washed out sunny sky, dull green yellow brown of the fields. Here, I know every twist of every road, every blade of grass, every face in this town, and I am suffocating.’

~ Lisa Ann Sandell ~