Reading 52


Row 1 – Fox, Rider and Dog.

I interpret these readings in sentence form so, the 3 cards in each row/column/diagonal equate to a representative sentence. Usually pairings of cards have meanings. Typically, the Dog accompanied by the Fox suggests a friend is deceiving me. However in this situation the Dog and the Fox are not directly next to each other, so I’m unsure of how to read this sentence. Individually, the cards equal: Fox, I’m being deceived or I need to be more cunning; Rider, news awaited; Dog,  a friend.

Row 2 – Woman, Bird and Bear.

A woman (me?) has very big fears and alarms.

Row 3 – Mouse, Moon and Stork.

An event will be beautiful and lucky despite the presence of the robber Mouse.

Column 1 – Fox, Woman and Mouse.

I am being deceived by a woman in my life who will use trickery to get what she wants. She is also nibbling away at something that is important to me.

Column 2 – Rider, Bird and Moon.

News awaited arrives resulting in a degree of fears and alarms.

Column 3 – Dog, Bear and Stork.

An important event with a friend.

Diagonal 1 – Fox, Bird and Stork.

An event results in fears and alarms and the need for me to be cunning.

Diagonal 2 – Dog, Bird and Mouse.

Fears and alarms about a friendship that is costing me dearly or not fully reciprocated.


Well what a batshit crazy reading to end the year on!

The Fox is an ambivalent card and either means someone is deceiving me or I should be more cunning. I believe, primarily due to the presence of the Bird in the centre, that I’m being deceived and this is generating fears and alarms (Bird). The inclusion of the pesky Mouse just tops off this reading.

So beyond the people-are-screwing-me-over week, there is an event (Stork) which is funny since New Year’s Eve is happening and more news arriving (Rider).


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