Reading 50


Row 1 – Book, Rider and Road.

An important short journey is coming which still needs to be researched.

Row 2 – Stork, Ship and House.

A very important trip which may see me live abroad.

Row 3 – Tower, Clouds and Heart.

Someone older and from my past is causing me to think about love.

Column 1 – Book, Stork and Tower.

The unknown which needs to be researched, an event and someone from past/ fate is directing me. I wasn’t sure how to link these three cards so I’ve written their individual meaning.

Column 2 – Rider, Ship and Clouds.

A sudden flurry of activity where I must be firm in my decisions.

Column 3 – Road, House and Heart.

A change of address, and love. Or my heart is in finding a new address.

Diagonal 1 – Book, Ship and Heart.

A trip I am yet to take and a love I am yet to know.

Diagonal 2 – Road, Ship and Tower. 

A sudden flurry of activity is being decided by fate.


An active week (Rider/Ship and Road/Ship) which focuses on the unknown (Book) relating to a trip (Ship), Love (Heart) and changes in my life (Road). Throughout all of this I should not worry (Clouds) for fate is directing me (Tower).


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