November Summary

November commenced with a wonderful reading that was spectacularly inaccurate. I did not go on a short journey (Stork/Road/Rider) nor did I receive a marriage proposal (Book/Ring). There was no important man in my professional life (Bear/Man/Lily) this week, at least not that I am aware of, and no new direction toward the unknown with  a man not yet known (Road/Book/Man) commenced. Although, it may be that this is still unknown, although I doubt it. There was no event where writing was indicated professionally (Stork/Book/Lily) and important news did not arrive about anything known or unknown (Rider/Ring/Lily and Rider/Book/Bear). The only thing that did occur was a surmounting of troubles and grief (Clover/Book), and a man played a part in this.

Reading 45, the second in November, was partially accurate just for a change. There was a foreign woman (Mountain/Woman) who made her presence well and truly felt, however she was not from my past (Tower). Perhaps I misread the Tower card here and it actually meant that a foreign woman was destined to be in my life because that’s what is looking to be happening. Otherwise, there was no change in direction (Road) that was positively growing (Tree). There was no house abroad (House/Mountain). There was no love relationship growing (Tree/Woman/Star). Love for me was not destined (Heart/Woman/Cross). There was nothing particularly lucky that happened (Star), however a weekend with my children, which is rare, did suggest a house and a love full of longevity (House/Heart/Star).

Reading 46  was a curious one with accuracy of the cards growing. Firstly, there was no pregnancy nor loss (Child/Stork/Mouse) just to get that one out-of-the-way. There was however, quarrels (Whip). Quarrels that resulted in a friendship being put on hiatus. Whether or not this will grow into a wonderful concern (Whip/Rider/Tree) is yet to be realised. I made a point of not revealing my whole plan to anyone (Snake) due to the Snake card while someone from my recent past returned this week (Tower) which was a pleasant surprise, and they are from overseas (Mountain) just to bolster the accuracy. If my child was deceiving me (Child/Whip/Snake) I never found out about it. The Snake/Tower/Mountain combination suggested that I was being deceived from someone from my deep past who is a foreigner, but wisdom will enable me to handle the situation. I do believe I’m being deceived from a foreigner, both from my deep past and someone who is currently in my life. I also believe both to be the Mouse, however there was no event or incident that confirmed or denied this. Currently, it’s just a gut feel.

The final reading for the month, reading 47 is similar to reading 46 in so much that the cards alluded to things going on in my life. I was most certainly cunning (Fox) on more than one occasion however my destined wish (Star/Tower) is yet to come true. In fact, none of my wishes (Star) have come true so far. I’m sure something big and important (Bear) is on the cards, but it did not occur this week, so I’m hoping that when it does eventuate (I’m certain that it will!) it will generate money (Fish). I was involved in an event (Stork) which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it didn’t exactly have me in a childlike state of wonderment (Child). Was it an important social event? (Garden/Stork/Bear) I’m not sure. Perhaps not for me, but possibly for my friend, although time will confirm it. Funnily enough, the cards were true for my friend more than that as she has a business in its infancy (Road/Child) that didn’t generate money (Fish) at this event, but the event may end up generating money for her business eventually. Since I don’t have a business, even one in its infancy, I don’t see how these cards can relate to me. One thing that did relate to me was receiving an informal invitation to a social event (Garden/Stork/Bear).

Overall, November picked up on accuracy after October’s dismal effort.


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