Reading 46


Row 1 – Child, Stork and Mouse.

Pregnancy and loss.

Row 2 – Whip, Rider and Tree.

Quarrels and strife due to news received that will grow into a strong and wonderful concern.

Row 3 – Snake, Tower and Mountain.

I’m being deceived from someone from my deep past who is a foreigner, but wisdom will enable me to handle the situation.

Column 1 – Child, Whip and Snake.

My child is deceiving me. I should be cautious.

Column 2 – Stork, Rider and Tower.

An event as the result of news about someone older and from my past.

Column 3 – Mouse, Tree and Mountain. 

Loss, growth and something big/ important.

Diagonal 1 – Child, Rider and Mountain.

News awaited about a new life direction in its early stage.

Diagonal 2 – Mouse, Rider and Snake. 

Loss, news awaited and deceit. I should not reveal my whole plan to anyone.


I’m pregnant for the 6th time this year (Child/Stork). This in itself is a perfect indication that this reading will be inaccurate.

Otherwise, 3 negative cards (Snake, Whip and Mouse) do not bode well for a stress free week. There are quarrels and strife (Whip) as a result of news awaited and someone in my life is causing me loss of some sort (Mouse). My child(ren) play a big role this week and it appears to be in a negative way as they are linked with the Whip and Snake.

A big event is likely to occur (Stork and Mountain) as is a return of someone from my past (Tower), possibly someone from overseas (Mountain). Most importantly however, I need to bite my tongue and not reveal everything to everyone.


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