Reading 45

Row 1 – House, Mountain and Tree.

A house abroad or in the mountains is a symbol of wonderful growth.

Row 2 – Heart, Woman and Cross.

Love for a woman is destined.

Row 3 – Star, Tower and Road.

Luck, and hopes will come to flower after deeds well executed by me in relation to a new path/ direction I have just begun to take.

Column 1 – House, Heart and Star.

A house and a love full of longevity.

Column 2 – Mountain, Woman and Tower.

A foreign woman from my past.

Column 3 – Tree, Cross and Road.

A change of direction that is destined and positively growing.

Diagonal 1 – House, Woman and Road.

A house abroad belonging to a woman and a change of direction.

Diagonal 2 – Tree, Woman and Star.

A love relationship is growing.


If there was any doubt this reading was about me the Woman in the centre confirms that it is.

This week appears to be significant and positive with my love life taking off (Heart) together with a new direction in life (Road). Both are growing in a wonderful direction (Tree) and wishes are coming true (Star). There is a suggestion that someone from my past (Tower) will have a significant, positive impact and everything is destined (Tower and Cross). Also, the Mountain suggests that foreigners/matters will play a part.

The only card that I’m unsure of the meaning is the House. Yes, it refers to my House, but I don’t know what it specifically means.


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