Reading 44


Row 1 – Stork, Road and Rider.

An important short journey is coming.

Row 2 – Clover, Book and Ring.

Surmounting of troubles and grief and a marriage/ marriage proposal.

Row 3 – Bear, Man and Lily.

An important man in my professional life.

Column 1 – Stork, Clover and Bear.

A successful, important event.

Column 2 – Road, Book and Man.

A new direction toward the unknown with a man not yet known.

Column 3 – Rider, Ring and Lily. 

News awaited about a possible business partnership.

Diagonal 1 – Stork, Book and Lily.

An event where writing is indicated professionally.

Diagonal 2 – Rider, Book and Bear.

Important news awaited about the unknown is on its way.


A week of activity is in store with the inclusion of the Stork and Rider, both movement cards. The activity appears  to be in relation to my professional life (Lily) to a certain degree, however primarily about the unknown (Book).

A Man plays an important role and proposals are afoot both professionally (Ring/Lily) and personally (Book/Ring).

It looks like it will be an important week for me (Bear).


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