October Summary

Reading 40 was a strange one due to its overall ambivalence and placement of opposition cards such as the Road and Anchor. As a result, checking for accuracy was a little difficult. I can confirm absolutely nothing happened with my love life that week so everything the cards suggested from there did not occur. There also was no short trip. However, I had a conversation with a friend with great learning or ambitions concerning study. He told me I was an idiot for considering further study and that it would not cure my work funk (Tower/Book/Anchor). That was perhaps the most positive part of that week too.

Reading 41 suggested my fifth pregnancy for the year was on its way. It was wrong, again. It also suggested that I was thinking of a destined love (Cross/Clouds/Heart) which I actually was, and have been for a while. In terms of my love life, happiness is on its way (Flowers/Stork/Heart)…3 weeks later, I can confirm it isn’t here yet! Also, no short holiday occurred (Woman/Stork/Mountain). There was a flurry of activity this week (Stork) with invitations in relation to work being had. Happiness was destined for me (Flowers/Woman/Cross), it did not arrive. Another less than accurate reading for October.

An end to money troubles (Sun/Bird/Fish) was the wonderous combination that brought me joy in Reading 42. It turned out to be so very wrong with me receiving a significant tax debt the following week. Otherwise the central card (Bird) which suggested fears and alarms was right on the money. I had fears and alarms about anything and everything. Optimistic outcomes (Sun), in particular as a result of staying put (Anchor) were mentioned. The true meaning of this was uncovered mid-week during a work team meeting where a new position was created and calls for interest were made. Given my unsureness about remaining in my job, I took this as an indication to stay and see what happens. The Dog/Key/Fish combination of a friend generating money was true too with my friend’s business being particularly successful this week.

Reading 43 capped off a sensationally inaccurate month with nothing happening with my love life (Heart), no investments occurring (House/Fish), no happy news being received (Flowers/Rider) and no quarrels occurring (Whip) other than with my children (Child) which is standard over the course of one week anyway. My House was not overly important either.


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