Reading 43


Row 1 – Flowers, Rider and Whip.

Happy news will result in minor quarrels.

Row 2 – House, Fish and Dog.

A good investment and a friend.

Row 3 – Child, Sun and Heart.

Optimistic outcomes for my child, and a love affair.

Column 1 – Flowers, House and Child.

A young girl and a house are important.

Column 2 – Rider, Fish and Sun.

News awaited that brings money and optimistic outcomes.

Column 3 – Whip, Dog and Heart.

Quarrels with a friend and lover.

Diagonal 1 – Flowers, Sun and Heart.

Happiness and optimism in my love life.

Diagonal 2 – Whip, Fish and Child.

Quarrels with my child about money.


A week of quarrels it appears, plus of a relatively happy home life with my children despite this. News awaited will arrive and it should be happy. My love life, which is non-existent, is back in the cards as is a friend.

I am hoping happiness (Flowers) and money (Fish) win through this week as they are my key cards.


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