September Summary

The week of Reading 35, the first in September, I was half way through my overseas holiday. The reading was completed in Canada and at the time I wasn’t sure about a lot of what it was suggesting. This was highlighted by my questioning card combinations. Now, seven weeks later, I’m able to see some accuracy from the cards. There was enormous potential for quarrels and strife (Whip) however none emerged indicating the Sun was doing its thing. Someone from my past was prevalent this week, in fact, many people were, however I believe I’ve distinguished who the one the cards were referring to was. A situation arose which could have caused quarrels between us (Book/Tower/Whip and (Stork/Mouse/Tower), but a cool-headed approach ensured it was a positive experience (Letters/Sun/Book). The House was my house and there was an element of someone stealing from my house (Mouse/House). My dad, who was house sitting while I was away was stealing my memories by throwing out things from my past and replacing them with new items. There were a few pieces of news (Letters) that I received, but thanks to that Sun they were not as bad as expected. Overall, quite an accurate reading.

Reading 36 was much less accurate than the previous one was. It was my first full week back from my holiday, I was still on annual leave and in a post holiday blues mood. No news was received, there was no increase in my finances and the only thing that ended was my holiday and holiday plans. As far as I’m aware no new direction was embarked upon.

Reading 37 was an interesting one and one which the full extent remains unknown even now. I returned back to work and remained in my post holiday blues funk. Work did play an important part in my life (Lily/Key/Bear) in so much as it was in the forefront of my mind. By the end of the week I had made my mind up that I (still) painfully disliked it and no longer wanted to do what I was doing. A big event with a friend (Stork/Dog/Bear) was attending and helping my BFF with a stall at a Fair that weekend. It was her first foray into the fair/market circuit and it was a beautiful and lucky event (Moon/Cross/Stork).

Reading 38 again focused on my professional life (Lily) which was apt since I attended an industry awards night that week. It should have been an event of great significance (Child/Bear/Clover) and to a degree it was as I had a conversation with my client which subsequently resulted in my growth within their business (Tree/Lily). In some way it also was the coming true of a wish involving the extraction of a consultant I work with from the client enabling me to do the role I was originally hired to do (Tree/Star/Road and Star/Lily). My BFF also received some news that would potentially see her move forward in a positive manner (Road/Dog/Clover). However, there was no new business in its infancy.

Despite the accuracy of the past few readings, Reading 39 was anything but. Quarrels (Whip) were again the order of the day, but there were none. Whilst I debated further study in order to expand on my career I ultimately decided against it so there was no change in career direction (Lily/Tower/Road). There was no older person or person from my past (Tower) to contend with or any news (Letters). I was sly however (Fox).


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