Reading 41


Row 1 – Flowers, Woman and Cross.

Happiness is destined for a woman.

Row 2 – Child, Stork and Clouds.

Pregnancy and my own way of thinking will influence everything.

Row 3 – Moon, Mountain and Heart.

Beauty/luck/new ideas and invitations and a serious love relationship.

Column 1 – Flowers, Child and Moon.

A happy event for my child who will receive an honour.

Column 2 – Woman, Stork and Mountain.

It’s time I took a short holiday.

Column 3 – Cross, Clouds and Heart.

I’m thinking of a destined love.

Diagonal 1 – Flowers, Stork and Heart.

Happiness in my love life is coming.

Diagonal 2 – Cross, Stork and Moon.

Destiny in relation to a sudden flurry of activity which suggests beauty, luck, ideas and invitations.


A wonderful reading heralding happiness (Flowers) and movement/activity (Stork).

An honour will come to my child (Child/Moon) with happiness destined for me (Flowers/Woman). My love life appears to be on a winning streak (Flowers/Stork/Heart and Moon/Mountain/Heart) although in reality I’m still single, but thinking of love (Clouds/Heart).

For I think the fifth time this year I’m pregnant (Child/Stork) and a short holiday has been recommended (Woman/Stork/Mountain). Both are quite funny to me given I’m single and recently returned from a major overseas holiday.


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