Reading 38


Row 1 – Tree, Anchor and Child.

Growth, staying put and my child(ren).

Row 2 – Star, Lily and Bear.

A wish about my professional life and/ or a matter of law.

Row 3 – Road, Dog and Clover.

A new direction with or for a friend that is lucky and happy.

Column 1 – Tree, Star and Road.

Growth and a wish come true about a new direction.

Column 2 – Anchor, Lily and Dog.

Staying put/ security in my professional life and the requirement to act in a more friendly manner.

Column 3 – Child, Bear and Clover.

An important event that is of great significance.

Diagonal 1 – Tree, Lily and Clover.

Growth in my professional life generating luck and happiness.

Diagonal 2 – Child, Lily and Road.

A new business in its infancy.


Another very positive reading this week focused around my professional life (Lily).

The Anchor and Road, which appear together in my readings with some regularity, again confuse matters of staying or leaving my job. So which way to choose I still don’t know, but by all accounts the result is one of growth (Tree) and luck/ happiness (Clover).

My children play a role this week also and wishes (Star) will come true.


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