Reading 37


Row 1 – Moon, Rider and Lily.

Beauty and luck/ new ideas and invitations in relation to my professional life are on the way. Possibly a new job.

Row 2 – Cross, Tree and Key.

Growth and success is destined.

Row 3 – Stork, Dog and Bear.

A big event with a friend.

Column 1 – Moon, Cross and Stork.

An event that is destined and is beautiful and lucky.

Column 2 – Rider, Tree and Dog.

News to be received that will grow into something wonderful with a friend/ about a friend.

Column 3 – Lily, Key and Bear.

A career is going to be very important.

Diagonal 1 – Moon, Tree and Bear.

Beauty and luck or an invitations generating substantial growth.

Diagonal 2 – Lily, Tree and Stork.

A burgeoning business as a result of an event.


In short, growth. The beautiful Tree in the centre confirms that the following week will be full of growth involving my professional life (Lily), a friend (Dog) and will include invitations (Moon), an event (Stork) all of which will be big in the scheme of things (Bear), destined (Cross) and successful (Key).


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