I’ve been home from my holiday for three days now and today an overwhelming sense of homesickness fell upon me. But how can you be homesick for somewhere that is not your home?

The last two weeks of my life were a whirlwind of excitement, new experiences, fierce independence, non-stop activity, massive anxiety, total serenity and immense happiness. Since being back in Australia I’ve been thrust into the routine of my home life and caring for two children under the age of seven. I’ve been brought back to an aesthetic environment I always loved yet now question if it is the right environment for me.

The last leg of my journey was Vancouver B.C. The love that was extended to me from the people who lived there was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time, and I felt an affinity with the city itself which is something that has alluded me in the past wherever I have been.

Driving around Adelaide today I looked at my surrounds and felt disappointed with what I saw. The flatness of the land, the lack of greenery, the blandness of the clouds. I felt uncomfortable in my hometown and homesick for Vancouver.

I miss its vast mountain sides…


I miss the white, fluffy clouds that went on, seemingly, forever…


I miss the simple, yet abundantly tree-lined streets…


I miss the random swings hanging from the trees for children to play on…


I miss the public book exchange cupboards scattered throughout the suburbs…


I miss its stunning landscape…



I miss everything about Vancouver.

Not having experienced such a loss of equilibrium before, I’m unsure if what I’m feeling is ‘normal’ and to be expected. I hope the loneliness I’m currently feeling is temporary, the result of coming down from the high of my travels, and that when I commence work again I will simply be embedded within a routine I’m used to and such feelings will be nullified. In all honesty, I highly doubt it.


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