It’s Ratchet…


When I was pregnant with my first child I spent an hour lining up for tickets for Bloc Party who were my flavour of the year at the time. The gig was about six to eight weeks later and even the knowledge that I would be almost eight months pregnant at the gig didn’t detract from my utter excitement Fast forward to the week of the gig…and I’m sick. Really sick. I ended up taking time off of work to sleep as much as I could in between the delirium I was experiencing. The day of the gig I woke up at about 3pm, showered, washed my hair, got dressed, walked into the lounge room and proclaimed to my then partner that we were going that night because I was feeling better. He said “no.” I regressed to a two-year old and threw a tantrum. There were profanities, tears and some foot stamping, but he wouldn’t change his mind. Defeated, I accepted that it wasn’t happening and tried to give the tickets away to no avail so I went back to bed and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up it was about 9pm and I knew my fever had finally broken. By then it was too late to go to Bloc Party. So I stayed home and tried to ignore the tickets that were being wasted. To say that I had gotten over this disappointment would be a blatant lie for all I’ve managed to do is push it to the far recesses of my mind only bringing out the memory every time Bloc Party tour Australia and I don’t go for some reason or another. As at today, I still haven’t seen them live and really, really want to. In a similar scenario as Chet Faker’s Lesson in Patience Bloc Party are on the line up for FYF Fest. This little stroke of luck after almost seven years has me with a wide smile on my dial, and with only ten days until FYF kicks off, I’m just a little bit excited to see Kele and whatever boys now make up the rest of Bloc Party! Squeeeeeeee!



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