July Summary

After quite an inaccurate month of readings in June Reading 26, the first in July, successfully turned that around by offering complete accuracy. This reading centred around a Man (first card drawn) who is older and from my past (central card drawn). This was true. This person was someone who in the past had been a constant source of negativity (Mouse) in my life. As the Bird suggested, he caused fears and alarms, however the presence of the Sun suggested that the long night was over. It was. Although we hadn’t spoken in over seven months I hadn’t been able to fully let go. During this week I did (Scythe) and I feel that this event was a positive (Sun) and lucky (Clover) one. It was a case of good riddance to bad rubbish.

Reading 27, on the other hand, was less accurate, but did ring true of a few occurrences. I was dealing quite heavily with a strong female personality (Woman, Lily) from my work during this time and it was this week that I had to bite the bullet and advise her I wasn’t satisfied with her proposed actions about a subject. This generated fears and alarms (Bird), but ultimately it went well (Moon). The event in question, which was very important (Mountain or Bear), was news awaited (Rider) and had been generating fears and alarms (Bird) since April. I did experience a strong bond (Ring) with my eldest child (Child) as she was sick this week and we spent a lot of time together, however there was nothing in relation to the law with her. I did have a meeting with a lawyer at work however, which is not a common occurrence. As far as I am aware, an honour did not come to a married female friend of mine.

Reading 28 was accurate in regards to there being a person in my professional life who has a child and is a negative influence (Child, Mouse, Lily). In fact, there are two people who fit this category. In relation to this week specifically I can narrow it down to which person that was referencing. I’m still unsure what the House card meant as there was nothing occurring with mine or one overseas other than I’m very happy with my children in my house (House, Child). The Book, Sun and Mountain combination of optimistic outcomes about the unknown in relation to a person abroad didn’t make sense until the end of the week when the unknown became known. It was an optimistic outcome in the end (Sun). My professional life did not have an optimistic outcome, not during this week anyway.

Reading 29 confirmed a few things in relation to my professional life despite there being no cards signifying my professional life being present. In particular the Anchor indicated that I would be staying in my current employment. This was made apparent via a conversation I had with my boss at the end of the week where I confirmed my desire to stay. The Clouds were suggestive of my overall negative attitude towards work, however the news brought by the Rider (my boss) supported my staying with the business (Anchor). Something delayed (Rider, Coffin) was possible this chat with my boss which in the end was, well not beautiful and lucky (Moon), but positive. Things in relation to my overseas trip ramped up a notch and resulted in a flurry of activity (Rider, Stork) thanks to my friend (Dog). This was quite a big event (Bear) for me and had me in a childlike state of wonderment (Child).

Reading 30 rounded out July by indicating that I’m at the silver lining stage of things with stagnant matters starting to be resolved (Clouds, Stork, Sun). This appears to be true in relation to my work issues. I will shortly go on a journey (Road) with my US/Canada trip less than 4 weeks away, however I did not become pregnant (Stork, Child) nor did anyone I know. I did receive a small cash windfall (Fish) which saw me in a childlike state of wonderment (Child) and which caused a sudden flurry of activity in relation to my trip (Stork, Rider). There was nobody from my past who made an impact or an appearance this week, so I’m unsure what the Tower was referencing in this reading. Also, row 1 consisting of the Rider, Road and Anchor remains unknown.


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