Reading 31


Row 1 – Mouse, Fox and Road.

Alert behaviour or loss as a result of a decision. I should behave more cunningly and not reveal my plan.

Row 2 – Whip, Letters and Rider.

Quarrels and tensions as a result of news.

Row 3 – Moon, Child and Lily.

An honour will come to my child. My professional life.

Column 1 – Mouse, Whip and Moon.

Alert behaviour, loss and quarrels however the moon softens the negative effects.

Column 2 – Fox, Letters and Child.

News about my child who is holding something back from me.

Column 3 – Road, Rider and Lily.

A short trip and good news in relation to improved health.

Diagonal 1 – Mouse, Letters and Lily.

News not so good about my professional life.

Diagonal 2 – Road, Letters and Moon.

A change in direction and an invitation.


Not a wonderful reading due to the presence of the Mouse, Fox and Whip. Loss and quarrels are a problem this week. Also, the arrival of news, both good and bad by the looks, will dominate together with my professional life.

My child(ren) play a role with an honour coming to one of them (curiously, this occured last week). Also, one of them may be holding something back from me.

I need to hold my tongue this week and not reveal my entire plan to people.


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