Reading 30


Row 1 – Rider, Road and Anchor.

A seemingly contradictory combination due to the Road/Anchor which mean the exact opposite of each other, however given current circumstances in my life, in particular my professional life, I believe this to mean that I will receive news which will see me change direction within my particular field of employment, but I will remain with my employer.

Row 2 – Clouds, Stork and Sun.

I am at the silver lining stage of things and stagnant matters will now start to be resolved and will have optimistic outcomes.

Row 3 – Tower, Child and Fish.

Someone older from my past or fate is guiding me and a business in its infancy.

Column 1 – Rider, Clouds and Tower.

News is on its way about someone older/from my past and my own way of thinking will influence this.

Column 2 – Road, Stork and Child.

I will shortly go on a journey (I’m going on my trip to the US/Canada in less than a month) and pregnancy.

Column 3 – Anchor, Sun and Fish.

Staying put, optimistic outcomes and money.

Diagonal 1 – Rider, Stork and Fish.

News awaited will cause a sudden flurry of activity and money.

Diagonal 2 – Anchor, Stork and Tower.

Staying put, a sudden flurry of activity and someone older/from my past.


News will be received this week that will cause lots of activity to occur and will be positive. I believe the news to be work related although there are no cards to indicate this. It’s a gut feeling.

I am being looked after by the Gods, money looks sound and that ambiguous Child card is back. There is confirmation of my up-coming holiday.


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