The Full Deck…

On Saturday night my best friend brought over some wine and we had a girl’s night in. After a few bottles of white Titania’s Fortune Cards made their way out and we decided that instead of a simple nine card reading we would complete a full deck reading. Neither one of us had completed one of these before so we began researching with foggy eyes and minds as to how to do it.

In the end, it was quite simple albeit time-consuming.

Part One of the reading consists of completing a nine card spread. Mine can be found via Reading 28.

Part Two involves choosing one card from the nine card spread and completing the full card spread around it in order to derive a meaning. In theory, you are supposed to repeat this process with each card from the nine card spread. We didn’t. We only did it once using the centre card from the nine card spread as it is the card of most influence.

We performed a full deck reading for both my friend and I. As with all the other readings these are read in lines specifically vertical, horizontal and x 2 diagonal finishing with row at the bottom. All are read in conjunction with the middle two cards the bottom one which is taken from the original nine card spread.

My reading is as follows. Excuse the wine glasses in the corner of the picture 🙂


Centre Cards – Sun and Ring

Optimism regarding a relationship.

Vertical – Book, Man, Tower, Bird, Sun/Ring, Bear, Lily, Mouse, Clover.

An unknown older man possibly from my past is causing fears and alarms due to the relationship we are about to embark on. He is likely to be involved with the law and has possibly been a negative influence previously however the relationship is destined, lucky and will have optimistic outcomes.

Horizontal – Clouds, Flowers, Coffin, Letters, Sun/Ring, Stork, Garden, Rider and Ship.

My thoughts are dominating, however they needn’t be negative as happiness is on its way. News resulting in happiness may be delayed for a period of time but once received there will be a sudden flurry of activity with a promise of optimistic relationships possibly born from an important party which offers a new lease of life with my work. There will also be an important trip.

Diagonal 1 – Scythe, Mountain, Cross, Sun/Ring, Child, Woman and Fish.

The ending of a friendship or relationship with someone from overseas, possibly a woman with a child who is currently in my professional life or a woman with money.

Diagonal 2 – House, Dog, Anchor, Sun/Ring, Snake, Tree and Star.

A house with a friend is where I should stay and this relationship is one which is continuously growing and signifies the coming true of a domestic wish. There is suspected deception by this person, however it is a misunderstanding and has optimistic outcomes.

Final Row – Fox, Key, Road, Heart, Moon and Whip.

Someone whom I have a strong bond with is not being entirely honest with me, however this is an obstacle that I will overcome for in the scheme of things it is a minor hurdle. I will be commencing a new path in relation to my love life which is beautiful and may result in an engagement despite some insignificant quarrels.


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