Reading 28


Row 1 – Cross, Bear and House.

Destiny about an important House.

Row 2 – Book, Sun and Mountain.

The unknown about someone abroad will have optimistic outcomes.

Row 3 – Child, Mouse and Lily.

Someone in my professional life with a child is a negative influence.

Column 1 – Cross, Book and Child.

The unknown about a child is destined.

Column 2 – Bear, Sun and Mouse.

Something big and important regarding a negative person will have optimistic outcomes.

Column 3 – House, Mountain and Lily.

A House abroad has a connection with my professional life.

Diagonal 1 – Cross, Sun and Lily.

My professional life has optimistic outcomes and is destined.

Diagonal 2 – House, Sun and Child.

The Sun shines on my House and Child(ren).


The Sun as the central card bestows optimism on all my dealings this week, despite the inclusion of the pesky Mouse in this reading. Whilst there may be a negative person in my professional life, they will not have much of an impact. My House, my Child(ren), my work and areas of my life which are still in the process of being established are all destined and will have optimistic outcomes.


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