June Summary

The first reading for June essentially set the scene for the entire month by offering very little accuracy. All illness did not come and there was no hospital stay. There was however a large obstacle in my professional life that came to a head. So if I was being looked after by the Gods I guess they were doing their job in this regard as I came out of the situation unscathed. Nothing was done about it, but I was unscathed.

Reading 23 indicated my child will be a twat. She was! It was during this week that my patience with my two year wore thin. The garden was a possible reference to my garden as a friend and I had a lovely Saturday drinking session in it, but otherwise not much else rang true. My professional life had me in a childlike state of WTF is going on, not wonderment and the something big from abroad was a someone big from abroad being my communications with a company director who is from the UK. There was no pregnancy.

The primary message Reading 24 was sending me was to watch what I say. I didn’t, in a nutshell. There was no old friend, no old house visited other than my dad’s house and I know he wasn’t deceiving me while I was there or ever for that matter. There was no news awaited or even a sudden flurry of activity. No wishes came true either.

Reading 25 also turned out to be less than accurate with the only thing coming remotely true, and even this is a stretch, was the recommendation for me to refuse a proposition as it is a trap. I did receive a strange and unexpected work proposition and indeed I did refuse it.


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