Reading 23

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Row 1 – Mountain, Mouse and Anchor.

An odd series of cards. The Mountain either means something from overseas, a major event/something big or an obstacle. The Mouse is loss or someone not to be trusted. The Anchor means staying put.

Row 2 – Stork, Child and Book.

Pregnancy (Stork/Child) and the unknown.

Row 3 – Lily, Fox and Garden.

My professional life, a sly person and place to meet someone.

Column 1 – Mountain, Stork and Lily.

Something big/from abroad/an obstacle, a sudden flurry of activity in relation to my professional life.

Column 2 – Mouse, Child and Fox.

I have no possible idea what this column could be alluding to! Individually the cards are as follows: Mouse = loss or someone negative, Child = child, Fox = someone sly. My child is being a twat perhaps?!

Column 3 – Anchor, Book and Garden.

Staying put, the unknown and a place to meet people.

Diagonal 1 – Mountain, Child and Garden.

A new life direction in its early phase (Mountain/Child) and a place to meet people.

Diagonal 2 – Anchor, Child and Lily.

Staying put, a child and my professional life, or possibly my professional life has me in a state of child like wonderment and I should stay put. I really don’t want to though.


The placement of the Mountain and Child in the two key positions is frustrating because other than when in combination with each other, representing a new life direction in its early phase, their meanings are ambiguous. Perhaps someone from overseas is not be trusted as per Row 1? Well, yes I already know this and I don’t trust them, but I may be clutching at straws with the Mountain/Mouse combination.

The focus this week appears to be centred around my professional life. Also a place where I meet people, possibly a social event – I do have a business lunch on Friday so this is a plausible explanation.

The Mouse and the Fox are back but I have no idea what they are influencing other than my children. Given this I’ll adopt the approach that silence is golden just to cover all bases.

I’ll not be falling pregnant this week. For the record, this is the 3rd time this combination has appeared this year and no, just no.

Essentially, this reading is a bit of a shambles which is kinda like how I’m feeling at the moment.


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