Reading 22

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Row 1 – Cross, Garden and Moon.

I’m in the right job (Cross/Garden) and beauty/luck is in store.

Row 2 – House, Coffin and Sun.

A house, and an illness will soon end (Coffin/Sun).

Row 3 – Mountain, Lily and Anchor.

Something big or an obstacle in my professional life. Staying put.

Column 1 – Cross, House and Mountain.

Destiny and a house overseas (House/Mountain).

Column 2 – Garden, Coffin and Lily.

A social place and an illness (Coffin/Lily) – I note Lily/Garden combination suggests a hospital, however they are not next to each other in this reading.

Column 3 – Moon, Sun and Anchor.

Beauty/Luck, new invitations, blessings and staying put.

Diagonal 1 – Cross, Coffin and Anchor.

An illness must come, it is destined (Cross/Coffin) and staying put.

Diagonal 2 – Moon, Coffin and Mountain.

The Moon softens the effect of the Coffin which in combination refers to an obstacle/something big/something from overseas.


I’m going to get sick next week but it will not be serious and I should be better by week’s end due to the placement of the Sun.

The Cross as the first card drawn suggests that I’m being looked after by the Gods so anything that happens is destined to happen. I’m in the right job, there is beauty and luck around me and accommodation overseas is fine – I have just booked my accommodation for my overseas trip later in the year so this is a nice indication that all is good with it.

Except for the illness, everything seems to be on track and I should just keep plodding along as is.


Actions Speak Louder…

Non-verbal communication – body language and tone – plays such a crucial part in communicating the truth yet the a great proportion of people are unaware of its power…

He said “We will be together one day.” Then I found out about his wife and I never heard from him again.

He said “Nobody, not [her] or you, will force me into a relationship.” Then he started a relationship with her.

He said “You haven’t fucked anything up as far as I’m concerned. You have my word.” And then I never heard from him again.

He said “You’re stuck with me now. We have a connection. I trust you.” And I never heard from him again.

He said “I love you.” Then he beat me.

Actions speak louder than words.


Reading 21

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Row 1 – Clover, Heart and Garden.

My love is true (Clover/Heart) OR individually, luck and love in a positive social setting.

Row 2 – Stork, Dog and Ship.

An event with a friend involving travel OR a sudden flurry of activity after a period of waiting involving a friend.

Row 3 – Man, Fish and Mountain.

A man from overseas and money OR a man, money and a big event.

Column 1 – Clover, Stork and Man.

Luck and movement/activity with a man.

Column 2 – Heart, Dog and Fish.

Love, friendship and money.

Column 3 – Garden, Ship and Mountain.

Travelling to a social event overseas OR travelling to a big event in a positive social setting.

Diagonal 1 – Clover, Dog and Mountain.

Luck with a friend overseas or from overseas.

Diagonal 2 – Garden, Dog and Man.

A positive social event with a male friend.


The lucky Clover sets the scene with this reading indicating a very lucky week. The Dog in the centre confirms that friendships are paramount also, one in particular with a male.

Money is on its way plus a party or a social event that will be positive. Travel plans overseas are afoot.

There will be much activity this week with the presence of both the Stork and the Ship and love is in the air (I wish!).