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Row 1 – House, Anchor and Bird.

Stay in the House that you are living and stand your ground in relation to any fears and alarms.

Row 2 – Mountain, Woman and Whip.

A Woman from abroad may be an obstacle to surmount.

Row 3 – Clover, Fish and Tree.

Luck, money and a state of affairs growing and becoming stronger.

Column 1 – House, Mountain and Clover.

A House abroad is lucky.

Column 2 – Anchor, Woman and Fish.

Security for a woman in relation to money.

Column 3 – Bird, Whip and Tree.

Gossip however the strong Tree overcomes all worries.

Diagonal 1 – House, Woman and Tree.

A House and Woman and strength, health and vitality.

Diagonal 2 – Bird, Woman and Clover.

Fears and alarms about a Woman are coming to an end.


Someone is gossiping about me again. I suspect it will occur at work due to certain circumstances that have evolved over the course of the last week. Of course, I may be wrong as the last time someone was gossiping about me in March it was in my personal life. Either way I’m unenthused by it.

The inclusion of the positive Clover and Tree suggests that any negativity is virtually abolished due to them. This gives me some comfort.

The Mountain is possibly representative of both things/people from abroad and an obstacle to surmount.

This week will require strength on my part and caution in terms of how I compose myself and handle situations.



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