Reading 14


Row 1 – Letters, Bird and Dog.

News awaited, fears and alarms and a friend.

Row 2 – Lily, Tree and Stork.

Professional affairs are still growing and becoming stronger quickly.

.Row 3 – Man, Clouds and Moon.

My dreams about a man have bright hopes.

Column 1 – Letters, Lily and Man.

News awaited about my professional life relating to a man or the professional life of a man I love.

Column 2 – Bird, Tree and Clouds.

The strong Tree overcomes all other worries including those generated by that bitch of a Bird and the negative thoughts of the Clouds.

Column 3 – Dog, Stork and Moon.

Movement with a friendship that is both beautiful and lucky.

Diagonal 1 – Letters, Tree and Moon.

News awaited that continues my personal growth and indicates an overall growing good fortune.

Diagonal 2 – Dog, Tree and Man.

Continued  growth with a male friend.


Despite the inclusion of the Bird this is a wonderful reading heralding continued growth both personal and professional. The placement of the ever powerful Tree in the centre ensures all negativity is quashed.

A man plays an important part in my week with a friendship continuing to grow and/or having an impact in my professional life.

The Tree also indicates I should take some time for myself to think things through and it appears more news is on its way.


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