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‘There are no secrets that time does not reveal.’

~ Jean Racine ~


Reading 17

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Row 1 – Tower, Heart and Stork.

Long life or something from the past, love and a sudden flurry of activity.

Row 2 – Ring, Mountain and Fish.

A relationship, something big or an obstacle and money.

Row 3 – Cross, Bear and Anchor.

Destiny, strength or something big and security

Column 1 – Tower, Ring and Cross.

Long life or something from the past, a relationship that is destined.

Column 2 – Heart, Mountain and Bear.

Love with someone who has lived abroad or will live abroad.

Column 3 – Stork, Fish and Anchor.

A sudden flurry of activity which sees money arrive and security.

Diagonal 1 – Tower, Mountain and Anchor.

Reference to my deep past and security.

Diagonal 2 – Stork, Mountain and Cross.

A sudden flurry of activity that either sees an obstacle to surmount or something big occur that is destined to occur.


For the first time in months no overtly negative cards appear in a reading. The Mountain in the centre can either symbolise an obstacle to surmount or someone who lives abroad or is going to. I believe both interpretations are valid in this reading.

In short, there will be money, activity (because March and April haven’t been hectic enough!), security, love and relationships. Big things will happen and people from overseas, or who will travel overseas, play an important part.

I actually read my cards on Sunday like I usually do, but my overly hectic life at present prevented me from writing about them until today. As a result I can confirm some of this to be true already in particular the last comment.

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‘I don’t like and even resist, being broken wide-open. But, when the contents of my unconscious self spill out of me and I sift through all the disowned parts of who I am… it’s an uncomfortably enlightening and eye-opening experience. It feels a bit like emotional bloodletting. I guess every now and then, I need that release valve to open all the way…’

~ Jaeda DeWalt ~

Oh What a Tangled Web…

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!’

~ Sir Walter Scott ~

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Over the course of my life I’ve discovered that I possess a super power. Curiously, it’s one that many people possess, but are unable to utilise to their full extent. It is intuition.

I have always been an intuitive person however tended to ignore it until recently. There came a point where things would happen and retrospectively I would say to myself “I knew that would happen” or something of the like. When I began using my intuition in conjunction with my many years of university studies of human behaviour/psychology I understood that I possessed the power to read people, for a lack of a better phrase. When I began to use this power I was able to, with pinpoint accuracy, tell when people were lying to me and that people would emotionally hurt me as a result sometimes months, even years, before they actually did.

My kryptonite is my willingness to allow myself to be hurt despite knowing that I eventually would be.

I know you’re going to hurt me because I know you’re lying to me, and I know you will hurt me again because a leopard can’t change his spots.

Can somebody please tell me why I haven’t fucking cut them both out of my life already?…

Reading 16

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Row 1 – House, Anchor and Bird.

Stay in the House that you are living and stand your ground in relation to any fears and alarms.

Row 2 – Mountain, Woman and Whip.

A Woman from abroad may be an obstacle to surmount.

Row 3 – Clover, Fish and Tree.

Luck, money and a state of affairs growing and becoming stronger.

Column 1 – House, Mountain and Clover.

A House abroad is lucky.

Column 2 – Anchor, Woman and Fish.

Security for a woman in relation to money.

Column 3 – Bird, Whip and Tree.

Gossip however the strong Tree overcomes all worries.

Diagonal 1 – House, Woman and Tree.

A House and Woman and strength, health and vitality.

Diagonal 2 – Bird, Woman and Clover.

Fears and alarms about a Woman are coming to an end.


Someone is gossiping about me again. I suspect it will occur at work due to certain circumstances that have evolved over the course of the last week. Of course, I may be wrong as the last time someone was gossiping about me in March it was in my personal life. Either way I’m unenthused by it.

The inclusion of the positive Clover and Tree suggests that any negativity is virtually abolished due to them. This gives me some comfort.

The Mountain is possibly representative of both things/people from abroad and an obstacle to surmount.

This week will require strength on my part and caution in terms of how I compose myself and handle situations.


Reading 15

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Row 1 – Scythe, Man and Mouse.

A change or sharp break regarding a male who has been nibbling away at my emotions.

Row 2 – Clover, Moon and Dog.

Trust in the Gods because beauty, luck, new ideas, invitations and friendship is on the way.

Row 3 – Woman, Child and Letters.

News awaited about a woman and child or for a woman with child eg me.

Column 1 – Scythe, Clover and Woman.

The positivity of the Clover overrides the negativity of the Scythe thus positivity for a woman.

Column 2 – Man, Moon and Child.

A man, a child and beauty/luck.

Column 3 – Mouse, Dog and Letters.

News awaited about a friend who has been a negative influence.

Diagonal 1 – Scythe, Moon and Letters.

News awaited will be less negative that expected due to the Moon.

Diagonal 2 – Mouse, Moon and Woman.

An honour will come to a Woman…I’m unsure the role of the Mouse here.


A mish mash of activity in this reading somewhat negative, but mostly positive with the placement of the calming Moon in the centre.

The reappearance of the Mouse leads me to believe I’m to be cautious as it’s linked to both a Man and a Friend (Dog) in different combinations. I’m unsure if they are the same person. If they’re not, holy hell do I surround myself with crap people or what?!

More news is on its way. There’s always news on its way lately. Those Letters have been appearing very often lately.

I’m interested to see who turns out to be the negative and who turns out to be the positive influences this week because I couldn’t even hazard a guess right now. However, I do hope the Clover and Moon express themselves loudly.