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‘When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady.

But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still…’

~ Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika ~


March Summary

For the majority of March almost all the negative cards in the pack popped up in my readings plus there were recurrent themes of negative thoughts and news awaited.

Reading 9 detailed an increase to my finances and this was accurate as I picked up an extra day at work this week. It also indicted that I was being gossiped about. Whilst I have no proof of this I believe it to be true and am pretty sure I know who it was and what it was about. The personal growth alluded to I also believe to be true predominately as a result of things that occurred at the end of February. I definitely needed to regroup and think things through and as a result I felt comfortable with myself and where I was/am in life.

Reading 10 saw the evil Bird as my central card. Fears and alarms were present primarily in relation to work which had kicked into 5th gear on every front. Apparently I was still being gossiped about too. If I was, they did a great job of doing it behind my back because I don’t know who was the culprit. Some news was received in terms of a friend who told me they would be coming for a visit in the first half of the year. This was in a way a wish come true.

Reading 11 had the Bird appear for the third time in a row. This, together with the Fox and Mouse, is my least favourite card and the Fox also appeared in this reading However the suggested fears and alarms about a male friend weren’t fears and alarms but just straight up annoyances. My fears and alarms were still in relation to work. I believe the Moon and Ring combination to represent the relationship that generated annoyances, but I never did find out who the Fox was. The Sun played a key role that week because the overwhelming negativity in the cards wasn’t really felt to any great degree. The Sun definitely lessened the impact.

Reading 12 indicated I would be staying in my house with a lovely garden and I am as I signed my new lease during this week. It also suggested that I would have a successful week and I did. I was required to step up at work and I did very well receiving positive feedback. The Mouse returned and I’m a bit lost as to who this may be. I’ve narrowed it down to two people and I’m afraid unless I figure it out soon they’ll bite me on the bum. I did attend a social event with a friend and it too was very successful.

Reading 13

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Row 1 – Dog, Clouds and Letters

Thoughts about a friend and news awaited. My way of thinking will influence everything due to the placement of the Clouds next to the first card drawn.

Row 2 – Bear, Stork and Cross.

Something big, a flurry of activity teamed up with the card of destiny.

Row 3 – Clover, Fish and Child.

Luck, money and children or a childlike state of wonderment.

Column 1 – Dog, Bear and Clover.

A friend/friendship, something big and luck.

Column 2 – Clouds, Stork and Fish.

Thoughts about money or a sudden expense and a flurry of activity.

Column 3 – Letters, Cross and Child.

News awaited is destined about a child or will see me in a childlike state of wonderment.

Diagonal 1 – Dog, Stork and Child.

A sudden flurry of activity for a friend regarding a child – this is what this means I know for a fact, however the Stork/Child combination actually represents pregnancy. I KNOW this is not what it means in this reading!

Diagonal 2 – Letters, Stork and Clover.

News awaiting will bring a sudden flurry of activity and luck.


An absolutely wonderful reading representative of events already planned for in the coming days.

Except for the ridiculousness that indicates I will get pregnant (not gonna happen!) the Dog, Stork, Child combinations refer to my friend whose wife is having a baby mid-week. I assume the news awaited is in regard to the child’s gender and health, however I also believe I will receive some other news that will cause a stirring up of activity and will be of a positive nature.

My thoughts, however, are teetering on the negative as the Clouds indicate. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think the reasons are irrelevant anyway.

This reading indicates both the potential for a sudden expense (Clouds/Fish), however because the Clouds and Fish are not directly next to each other I’m hoping they are to be read individually.

Luck is on my side.

Reading 12

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Row 1 – House, Anchor and Garden.

I’m staying put in my house which has a lovely garden (it does!)

Row 2 – Clouds, Key and Mouse.

My worries in relation to this wretched Mouse that keeps popping up and a few other things are coming to an end. Also, success.

.Row 3 – Dog, Heart and Coffin.

Love with a friend that is not flourishing at the moment.

Column 1 – House, Clouds and Dog.

Worries about my house and a friend.

Column 2 – Anchor, Key and Heart.

Security, success and love.

Column 3 – Garden, Mouse and Coffin.

An invitation to something social and a health scare.

Diagonal 1 – House, Key and Coffin.

I will buy some property however this may be delayed.

Diagonal 2 – Garden, Key and Dog.

A social event with a friend and success.


I’m on the verge of burning the Mouse card because I’m so sick of it appearing. Clearly there is someone who is having a negative impact on me. This reading does not offer any information as to who it may be, however the Clouds, Key and Mouse combination indicate the worries I am experiencing over this will be coming to an end. Curiously the coffin has appeared which predominately means a delay.

The news of a potential health scare isn’t great however I’m hoping the Key in the centre, which is an occult card that indicates I’m being looked after, will lessen any negative effects of this and the Mouse.