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‘If we could but paint with the hand what we see with the eye.’

~ Honore de Blazac ~


Reading 8

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Row 1 – Whip, Star and Mouse.

Quarrels with someone who is deceiving me, a robber Mouse. Also, a stroke of luck or a wish coming true. An odd combination.

Row 2 – Moon, Cross and Ship.

An invitation and a trip that is destined and blessed.

Row 3 – Clouds, Dog and Rider.

Worries or concerning thoughts about a friend or friendship. News is on its way.

Column 1 – Whip, Moon and Clouds.

An invitation or honour will cause worries, strife or quarrels.

Column 2 – Star, Cross and Dog.

A wish and friendship is destined.

Column 3 – Mouse, Ship and Rider.

A sudden flurry of activity (Ship and Rider in combination) and someone not to be trusted.

Diagonal 1 – Whip, Cross and Rider.

News awaited is arriving which may cause quarrels or strife, but this is destined.

Diagonal 2 – Mouse, Cross and Clouds.

A negative person is causing worries, but I’m being looked after so I need not worry.


The Whip, Dog, Ship and Moon all appeared in my last reading so I’m thoughtful of their individual meanings about all else. Whip = quarrels or strife. Moon = an invitation or an honour. Dog = friend or friendship. Ship = Travel and overseas connections or a simple movement of activities.

In terms of these four cards I have received verbal confirmation that a wedding invitation is being sent shortly from my friend in Canada. I am planning on attending. A new friendship has blossomed in the last week, however I’m conscious that this reading is for the coming week thus I’m reluctant to confirm this is the meaning of the Dog in this reading. Quarrels… I don’t know. It is the first card drawn which is not a positive. However, the placement of the Star, Cross and Moon on its sides suggests the negativity of the Whip is limited.

The little annoying Mouse is back. Ironically the real Mouse from January has popped back up in my life in the last few days. I’m unsure if the Mouse from this reading is the same person. Only time will tell.

The positive cards in this spread and their placement ease my concerns (Clouds) about the negative, however I will be mindful of my approach with people and attempt to remain positive.

Florence + the Machine

With Florence + the Machine dropping the first single off their eagerly anticipated third album (due for release on 1 June 2015) I take you back to when I saw them live for AMH Network back in 2012…


Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine graced the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 22 May 2012 in their first arena tour of Australia.

Taking to the stage fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled, a cape laden Florence Welch, backed by her 8 piece Machine, commenced the night with a stellar version of Only if For a Night. The first single from the current album Ceremonials was an apt choice given it was the Ceremonials tour. Immediately the near capacity crowd were transported to a wondrous and ethereal world and remained there for the 14 song set.

What the Water Gave Me, also from Ceremonials, followed and then the set list took a leap back to songs from their impressive 2009 debut album Lungs. Between Two Lungs, Cosmic Love, You’ve Got the Love and Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) shook some life into the crowd and had them standing on their feet dancing and twirling along with Florence who had shed her cape by this stage like the Superwoman that she is.

Ever the crowd pleaser Florence happily bantered in between songs thanking the crowd for their gifts and such. Throughout the hour and forty minute set it never ceased to amaze me how such a softly spoken individual was able to then turn around and belt out gut wrenching songs one after the other.

A very simple set consisting of three white screens adorned the stage and projected live footage of the performers for the people at the back and in the nose bleed section. A myriad of lights assisted to transport the audience into a magical world of wonderment. It was all very uncomplicated and allowed the music and performers to be the central focus.

Spectrum, Heartlines, Leave My Body, Seven Devils and Shake it Out, all from Ceremonials, followed in flawless fashion. Concluding the main set was Dog Days Are Over, a definite crowd favourite. This was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. The entire audience was on their feet, jumping, creating a mosh pit that fans of any metal band would be in awe of. When Florence said “Adelaide jump” Adelaide listened and delivered what their master commanded. It was truly a sight to behold.

After a short five-minute interlude they returned to the stage for a two song encore from Ceremonials. Never Let Me Go was the calm before the storm that was No Light, No Light. After a flawless performance the ball was, unfortunately, dropped during the latter. The Machine was simply too loud and Florence’s insistence to have the crowd sing the majority of the lyrics detracted from the song’s intensity. Nevertheless it wasn’t enough to spoil a fantastic overall performance.

Florence + the Machine put on a wonderfully balanced performance cementing their status as a ‘must see’ live band. Their ability to transfer their sound almost flawlessly from the studio to the stage is a testament to their talent.

Florence + the Machine play the Vivid Festival in Sydney on Friday 25 May 2012 and Brisbane on Saturday 26 May 2012.

She Gets Me…

When I was in high school my teacher asked the class to bring in a copy of their favourite love song. Because I wanted to be cool and bring in something that nobody had ever heard of I asked my older brother to choose something for me. He did, I played it, nobody cared and I felt cool.

Somewhere along the line I fell in love with the song and it stuck with me throughout the years.

Last Friday on Twitter @DoubleJ asked their followers, of which I am one, to list some non-cheesy love songs they could consider adding to their Valentine’s Day play list. The first song I mentioned was the one from high school. This then made me You Tube it so I could have a bit of a sing-a-long. Other than being astounded that I remembered the lyrics after 25 years I also remembered why it was that I fell in love with that song.

It is a quintessential love song, an ode to ‘her’ with a catchy pop melody, heavy guitars and some of the most adorable and quirky lyrics not commonly seen in the 21st century… ‘I want to invite her home with me and show her my library.’

The following day on Twitter another account that I follow asked their followers to tell them their favourite love song. Guess which song I chose?

I don’t know if She Gets Me by The Lizard Train (who are coincidentally from my home town) is my favourite love song because it’s so difficult for me to come up with a favourite anything, but it definitely is my go to love song because it’s just awesome. Nothing more, nothing less.

Reading 7


Row 1 – Ship, Coffin and Moon.

The Ship in combination with Coffin can mean two things: a trip is cancelled or a trip will happen, but patience is required as it is some time away. I hope it’s the latter as the only trip I have planned is an overseas one later in the year. If it’s cancelled, I will be disappointed. However, positivity of the Moon which symbolises beauty, luck, ideas and invitations supports the notion that the trip will occur, but requires patience as it is some time away.

Row 2 – Road, Fish and Dog.

A new direction has just commenced, it will bring money and is linked to a good friend/friendship.

Row 3 – Fox, Snake and Whip.

Three negative cards.  Someone is being sly with me, possibly deceiving me. The Snake is telling me to keep my cards close to me as a result, to not reveal my feelings or quarrels may occur.

Column 1 – Ship, Road and Fox.

A trip is blessed however someone is deceiving me. I’m unsure of the connection between the Ship/Road combination plus the Fox.

Column 2 – Coffin, Fish and Snake.

A wait for money (still!) and I need to keep my mouth shut about the utter annoyance of it.

Column 3 – Moon, Dog and Whip.

Beauty, luck and an invitation from a friend that will cause quarrels.

Diagonal 1 – Ship, Fish and Whip.

A trip, money and quarrels.

Diagonal 2 – Moon, Fish and Fox.

Beauty, luck and an invitation that results in money, but someone may be deceiving me.



My first and central cards are both positive and representative of travel and money. As the Fish is the central card I’m hoping this means a win fall and not extra costs because I’ve had enough of the latter lately.

Generally this reading is telling me to remain cautious about my dealings especially with those who are my ‘friends’. Quarrels are likely as is deception. Silence is golden this week, as is patience, but there are things to look forward to eventually.